Web design & development
Responsive websites on mobiles and tablets
Presentation Website

We create professional presentation websites with creative and original designs which are fully optimised for conversion and are responsive on any device.

Generate more online sales for your business
Online Store

We develop efficient e-commerce platforms. Online stores that guide your customers to your products. With our help you can sell more, more easily and more often!

We listen to your problems and offer you solutions
Website Optimisation

We are working towards the continuous optimisation of your online business. We increase the speed of your website, remove bugs and keep the website safe

Unique experiences for your business customers
UI & UX Design

We analyse user behaviour, test different solutions and create unique, attractive web interfaces that facilitate your customer’s experience.

Online marketing
Get quality traffic and sell more online
Google adwords campaigns

We build creative ads on Google and we manage your campaign to optimise costs and attract more results.

Much more visibility & more confidence
facebook & Instagram Campaigns

We make you more visible on Social Media and we build a strong customer community around your business that trusts your brand.

We bring your customers back to the website
remarketing campaigns

We target customers who left your online store without making a purchase and bring them back through remarketing campaigns that increase the conversion rate.

Be present where your customers are
youtube marketing

YouTube has become the “real deal” as a search engine. Be present where your customers are looking for interesting things about the products you sell.

Web maintenance
We solve your problems and keep you running smoothly
Web maintenance

We offer various web maintenance and management packages for your business. We promptly solve problems that appear on the site and we keep you on.

Multiple features for your site and business
web development

We build customised modules for your business and implement extensions that streamline the site, facilitate your team work and attract customers.

We reduce the cost of your online marketing campaigns
Online Campaigns Management

We continuously monitor your online marketing campaigns and optimise them so that we can keep the cost as low as possible.

Customised graphic for your business
graphic design

We help you with graphic materials and visual branding elements for your business to ensure that you have a professional presence online as well as offline.

Text that encourages customers to buy

We create slogans, social media posts and qualitative blog articles. Unique and original texts for your website that help you increase your online sales.

We keep your site online and ensure complete security
Web Hosting

We offer you various professional web hosting packages on our servers, guaranteeing the upload speed of your website and data security.

Uptime and guaranteed resources, premium performance
VPS servers

You’re online 99.9% of the time. Plus, your data and your customers’ info are totally safe. In addition, we monitor your website permanently.

You don’t share the server with other websites
Dedicated Servers

Choosing the Baboon dedicated servers means that you won’t be sharing space and performance with another business. You will have a well-established place in our portfolio.

Outstanding security for your business
comodo SSL Certificate

We choose the most efficient solutions for securing and encrypting confidential data. We maintain and optimise the security of your site.

Naming Services for your business
Domain Registration

We choose a distinctive name for your business and make sure that the domain is available. We help you to save time and register the new domain for you.

We analyse your website and the opportunities
seo analysis

We identify the weaknesses and opportunities of your website with regard to search engine optimisation and we then make you a personalised offer.

We optimise the content and the technical part of the site
On-Page optimisation

We optimise the code and technical part of the site and implement a content optimisation plan according to the relevant keywords.

We build networks of quality links that generate authority
SEO campaigns

We increase the site’s authority by building qualitative link networks. We raise your site in the Google rankings and make you visible organically.

Your business gets to your customers faster
Website Speed Optimisation

We increase the upload speed of your website and decrease customer waiting time. They will reach your products faster.

Our Customers Opinion

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